The Logo is here!

To everyone in the Blogosphere who's stumbled upon us, A Big Hello!

We at Vilaasita have been working extremely hard to get our website off the ground in the last couple of months, and as we edge closer to the launch, we wanted to share with everyone the Logo we have come up with! 

What we wanted people to associate with our brand Vilaasita is that we provide Luxurious Handcrafted Furniture and Home Decor Products that instantly give an effortlessly chic look to any room.

When I was conceptualising the logo, I wanted it to be Clean, Luxurious and lastly I wanted it to depict the fact that we are creating Custom-made 'Handcrafted' Furniture. Hence, I chose to use only 1 colour against a white background, sans any confusing graphics. I decided to use Gold as our colour, as it exudes luxury like no other colour does and I chose the store's tagline as Handcrafted Luxury, as a tribute to our master craftsmen who have kept the art of expertly crafted handmade furniture alive. 

After a lot of deliberation, sleepless nights and finally a Eureka moment where the final logo came about in a matter of minutes, we are extremely proud to present to the world Vilaasita's Logo! 

So here it goes :)

Vilaasita Handcrafted Luxury Furniture

First thoughts? Any suggestions? Do leave us a comment below. 

 To anyone who's wondering what Vilaasita means, its stands for Luxury in Hindi. 


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