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Looking for some design inspiration for your baby’s nursery? In this post we have curated a look with 6 essentials that one needs for an elegant baby nursery. Follow the links to know from where you can buy these pieces.

Start with a theme and a color scheme and three must-have items, and go from there. Don’t buy everything at once; let the room slowly evolve as you wait for your little one to arrive.

Soothing colors-Your baby may not perceive colors correctly for a while, but they will, as they grow older. And colors do affect us! Choose soothing colors that help calm and comfort the baby. Bright colors can agitate or disturb your little one. Subtle shades of green, orange, blue and pink in combination with white and grey are great choices for the nursery.

Mint- Subtle shades of green are the best choice in a learning environment. It’s serene and fosters calmness of thinking and concentration.

Coral- Coral is a comforting shade of orange. It promotes a welcoming feeling. You can also use bright orange for a punch of modern!

Choose non-toxic range of paints or alternatively, wallpaper is a great option too.

Cora Wingback Chair - Vilaasita

Lounge Chair- A lounge chair or chaise is important piece of furniture to have in the baby nursery. It’s perfect for breast-feeding or reading to your baby, while providing you with the much-needed back support. Vilaasita’s Cora wingback chair with beautiful floral upholstery, rolled arms, and teakwood legs is perfect in the nursery. It’s available in a variety of colors to ensure you find the perfect one to go with the rest of the decor. Available at Vilaasita.

Storage unit – Good storage will help you keep the nursery clutter free and easy to clean. Painted furniture is easy to dust off with a cloth and even in case of liquid spill; you can easily wipe it off without any discoloration. The Charlotte Chest with 5 drawers and soothing cascade blue hand paint is perfect in the nursery. The chest is available in multiple colors at Vilaasita. It can also be customized to suit your needs.

Baby crib- New babies often spend more time in the crib than anywhere else, so while comfort is important, safety is essential. Since most children sleep in a crib until it's time to move into a real bed – typically between the ages of 2 and 3 – you'll want a sturdy one.

Parents short on space may be interested in portable or mini-crib options, both of which take up less space than full-size cribs. Some fold or collapse for storage; some have wheels so they can be rolled around the house.

Many cribs are also designed to convert to a toddler bed, day bed, or even the headboard and footboard for a full-size bed. Make sure that the crib makeover is relatively easy to perform.

Regular cribs are available at Urban ladder. If you are looking for a customized crib in pine or teak wood you can also reach out to us at Vilaasita

Nursery rug- Do you need a rug for the nursery? Simply put, it's a must. When you have a newborn, they will be spending most of their time in your arms, but when they are a little bigger, tummy time becomes very important. As your baby gets older and spends more time playing on the floor, it’s going to become more and more essential for them to have a soft, clean, safe, area to play. And let’s not forget about design. A baby room rug can really tie the room together and give clean defining lines so it doesn’t seem like everything is just hanging around. Nursery room rugs are also great for that pop of color that hardwood, tile, or carpeted floors just don’t have.

We love this Coral Moroccon hand-tufted carpet by Imperial Knots. It’s made with natural materials and is safe for your little one. Available at Imperial Knots. 

Baby bedding and quilt – Choose comfortable, cotton, preferably organic bed linen for your baby. In the initial few month, the baby will spend considerable time in the crib. It’s important to have comfortable bed linen that’s also easy to wash and maintain. We love this Coral Rouched Fleur collection by Little West Street. Available at Little West Street.

Happy Decorating! 


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Tambat Ali & its Treasures.

Tambat Ali & its Treasures.


Tambat Ali, a settlement of Tambat or copper craftsman came into existence around 400 years ago during the Peshwa reign in the western town of Pune. Most Tambats originally came to Pune from the Konkan region. The community flourished during the Peshwa rule with the Peshwas being its early patrons for religious and military needs. Tambats made weapons, copper coins and kitchen utensils for the royal family. Seven generations of Tambats are said to have lived in Tambat Ali, passing the craft down generations.

Like other heritage crafts, copper craft is also faced with modern realities like rising metal prices, increased use of materials like stainless steel and plastic and other opportunities for the young generation, leading to attrition of artisans. From over 800 Tambat families in the 1970s, the number has dwindled to less than 80. Passed on through apprenticeship from one generation to the next, today the craft remains in the hands of a few craftspeople.

India’s fascination with metal craft dates back as far as 3000 BC.  Over the period various techniques have been developed to shape metal into beautiful wares: beating it, casting it using natural materials, and spinning it on dies. Today’s artisans are still using these simple, earthy techniques to produce their creations be it in Tambat Ali in Pune or in the neighborhoods of Moradabad.

At Vilaasita, we are inspired by the craftsmanship of yesteryears. The design and embellishment on the everyday objects from the bygone era amazes us. Handcrafted products have a unique charm and demonstrate a sense of purpose. So many handcrafting traditions are slowly dying out.  Our effort is to revive some of these artisanal traditions by designing products that are beautiful yet relevant and contemporary yet honed through time-tested technique.

Our recently launched, Copper & Brass Collection relies on the ancestral practice followed by the Tambat craftsman. All products follow a time consuming and arduous process. Each design begins as a metal sheet that is cut and roughly shaped. The artisans further either spin or mold the sheet by hand to give it its preliminary form, depending on the product design. Then the piece is heated, cooled, and annealed until it is ready for the final phase of production. To finish the product, The artisans then use several wooden and steel head hammers, and khod karvai — a simple, dual component tool with a wooden seat and long cast iron shaper to give each piece its signature hand-beaten detail, traditionally known as “mathar kaam”. Each small bowl would have about 1000-1200 concentric strokes of hammer- finesse comes only with years of perfecting the skill.

The entire process is done by hand in small studios in Tambat Ali.

The result? A regal, hand-beaten copper vase, just like Peshwas would have liked it.

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Inside your Sofa

At Vilaasita, our designs combine time-tested crafting technique with contemporary style. Simplicity and detailing are the cornerstones of our collections. Elegant design, finest quality raw materials and strict quality control ensure unique, heirloom pieces that help create a home you love.
Our sofas are great accent pieces and instantly enhance the look and feel of any space. We have designs to suit both traditional and contemporary spaces.  Clean lines and bold colours are perfect for a modern home, while classic silhouettes and muted shades go seamlessly in a traditional space. The look and feel can also be easily refreshed from time to time with wise use of scatter pillows and throws to suit the mood.
Each Sofa at Vilaasita is customized and handcrafted in the size and fabric of your choice by third generation master craftsman   specializing in the art of hand-tufting upholstery. All of our upholstery is finest quality- Linen-Cotton blends that bring exceptional beauty and strength to the piece.
Making of our Sofa Collection
Upholstered furniture is a big investment and you want to be sure that you are making the right choice.  Framing, suspension
and fillings are the three cornerstones of a comfortable sofa. We want to ensure you are completely informed before making a purchase, so please familiarize with the information guide here.
Wood, joinery, legs and suspension are the four important aspects that ensure quality and durability of the sofa frame.  At Vilaasita we only use carefully selected, premium quality teakwood for our sofa frames. We strictly do not use cheap packing material wood, manmade rubber, MDF or plywood, like a lot of manufacturers in the Indian market. Doweling and reinforced joinery further ensures a sturdy and long-lasting structure.  Handcrafted and beautifully turned teakwood legs make for a stylish and sturdy sofa.
At Vilaasita, we use high quality coil or sinuous springs in addition to the webbing suspension to ensure maximum sitting comfort and strength.  The coil springs are hand-tied 8 ways using a time-tested technique for maximum comfort and durability. This is non-existent in the ply board or rubber wood base, factory made Sofas, mostly available in the India market.
We use high quality foams and fillings to give you most comfortable sitting experience. All ranges contain resilient polyurethane foam that ensures excellent shape and comfort. The foam is further covered in a quality Dacron sheet for further comfort. Back cushions are poly-fiber fill. Overall, this gives the Sofa its great shape and comfortable seat.
We provide an option to hydrophobic, oleo-phobic and stain repellant fabric treatment done for our sofas. This ensures that the Sofas catch minimum dust and avoid stains, this giving them a long life.
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    The Logo is here!

    To everyone in the Blogosphere who's stumbled upon us, A Big Hello!

    We at Vilaasita have been working extremely hard to get our website off the ground in the last couple of months, and as we edge closer to the launch, we wanted to share with everyone the Logo we have come up with! 

    What we wanted people to associate with our brand Vilaasita is that we provide Luxurious Handcrafted Furniture and Home Decor Products that instantly give an effortlessly chic look to any room.

    When I was conceptualising the logo, I wanted it to be Clean, Luxurious and lastly I wanted it to depict the fact that we are creating Custom-made 'Handcrafted' Furniture. Hence, I chose to use only 1 colour against a white background, sans any confusing graphics. I decided to use Gold as our colour, as it exudes luxury like no other colour does and I chose the store's tagline as Handcrafted Luxury, as a tribute to our master craftsmen who have kept the art of expertly crafted handmade furniture alive. 

    After a lot of deliberation, sleepless nights and finally a Eureka moment where the final logo came about in a matter of minutes, we are extremely proud to present to the world Vilaasita's Logo! 

    So here it goes :)

    Vilaasita Handcrafted Luxury Furniture

    First thoughts? Any suggestions? Do leave us a comment below. 

     To anyone who's wondering what Vilaasita means, its stands for Luxury in Hindi. 


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