Product Care


Un-lacquered Copper Products: Care Instructions 

  • Products that are used to carry/store water or food are not lacquered. This ensures that the water/food comes in direct contact with copper giving you multiple health benefits.
  • Wash water bearers daily with a soft cloth and a detergent/metal cleaning agent. Wipe dry all traces of water after washing, else the utensil will get water stains. Washing and wiping on a daily basis will help retain the coppery shine on your product and will also prevent the copper patina.
  • When copper is exposed to atmosphere, natural oxidation process causes it to darken. Wiping your copperware regularly and rubbing it with tamarind/lemon occasionally will ensure that it maintains its shine.
  • Water stored in your copper utensil needs to be replaced every twelve hours.
  • It is not safe to expose copper to food acids so refrain from storing juices or any other liquids apart from water in your copper utensils. 

    Lacquered Copper Products: Care Instructions

    • Products like lamps, candle holders, vases etc. are coated with a clear coat of  lacquer.
    • When copper is exposed to atmosphere, natural oxidation process causes it to darken. The lacquer coat helps to slow down the oxidation process but over time copper will develop patina. 
    • Use a non abrasive, soft cloth to clean lacquered  copper products. Refrain from using any detergents or cleaning solutions. 
    • The lacquer will last for about 6 months coastal areas and 2 years in dry areas.
    • You can re-lacquer your products easily.

     Lacquered Brass Products: Care Instructions

    • Brass is a zinc-copper alloy, and is prone to natural oxidation process. Our brass products are covered in a lacquer which makes it airtight. As this wears away with time and use, oxidation sets in.
    • To clean your lacquered brass products wipe clean with a moist soft cloth.
    • Your lacquered products will darken with time and the brass will begin to acquire a patina as it ages. Do not scrub your lacquered brass products or use any kind of detergents on it.
    • You can re-lacquer your products easily.