Adira Storage Jar

The Adira Storage Jar can be used to store pickles, jams and other condiments. Beautifully handcrafted in Jaipur, India.


  • Material: Fuller's Earth, Quartz, Katira ( Banyan Tree Gum ) , Green glass
  • The Blue pottery is glazed and low-fired
  • The motifs on the products are hand-painted

Dimension: Ht: 6", Dia: 3.25" 

History: Jaipur's blue pottery is of Turko-Persian origin, but over the years has become Rajasthan's pride. Royal patronage and the promise of a better life drew many artisans to this profession in the 1700's. The rulers of Jaipur were partial to blue-glazed ware, and many marble halls in Jaipur were decorated with blue tiles. Lack of market and migration of workers to cities for better opportunities sent this art form into near extinction in the 1900's. Even today, although blue pottery is revered abroad, the only way to lay your hands on these beautiful handicrafts in India is by taking a trip to Rajasthan. Vilaasita, aims to bridge this gap and make this art form accessible to you and thus help sustain the livelihood of these artisans.

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