Jamuna Copper Vase/Jug

Ayurveda endorses that water be stored in pure copper jug for health benefits.  Copper jugs are antimicrobial and help transfer small amounts of copper to the body. Store water in the jug by the bedside or at workplace and remember to drink lots everyday!


  • Material: 99% pure Copper
  • Mathar kaam- A speciality of the Tambat craftsman, it’s the art of hand-beating copper for added shine and durability

Dimension: Dia: 6", Ht: 4.75"


All Copper/Brass products are handcrafted. Subtle variations in patterns are natural to this process. No two pieces will be exact replicas, and we believe this makes each creation unique and beautiful.

Read Product Care Instructions here.

Rs. 1,399.00

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