Lotus T-light Holder - Oxidised Copper (Set of two)

Shimmering in the ethereal glow of the candle, our Lotus T-light holder adds to the romance of a perfect evening! Place this set of two  alongside an Urli with seasonal flowers or in cluster 4-6 holders to create a festive look.  The candleholder is also a perfect hostess gift or a housewarming present.


  • Set of two
  • Material: 99% pure Copper
  • Coated with clear lacquer for long-lasting shine
  • Mathar kaam- A specialty of the Tambat craftsman, it’s the art of hand-beating copper for added shine and strength

Dimension: Dia: 3.6", Ht: 1.7" 


All Copper/Brass products are handcrafted. Subtle variations in patterns are natural to this process. No two pieces will be exact replicas, and we believe this makes each creation unique and beautiful.

Rs. 1,899.00

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